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Brief Overview of this Country

Location: Southeastern Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Bangladesh and Thailand
Population: 41,734,853 - Capital: Rangoon
Ethnics Groups: Burman 68%, Shan 9%, Karen 7%, Rakhine 4%, Chinese 3%, Mon 2%, Indian 2%, other 5%
Languages: Burmese, minority ethnic groups have their own languages
Religions: Buddhist 89%, Christian 4% (Baptist 3%, Roman Catholic 1%), Muslim 4%, animist 1%, other 2%

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Proverbs from Burma
Beware of a man's shadow and a bee's sting.
The blind person never fears ghosts.
One sesame seed won't make oil.
A stupid act entails doing the work twice over.
A hero only appears once the tiger is dead.

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