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Brief Overview of this Country

Location: Western Africa, bordering the Bight of Biafra, between Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria
Population: 15,421,937 - Capital: Yaounde
Ethnics Groups: Cameroon Highlanders 31%, Equatorial Bantu 19%, Kirdi 11%, Fulani 10%, Northwestern Bantu 8%, Eastern Nigritic 7%, other African 13%, non-African less than 1%
Languages: 24 major African language groups, English (official), French (official)
Religions: Indigenous beliefs 40%, Christian 40%, Muslim 20%

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Proverbs from Cameroon
He who asks questions cannot avoid the answers.
A chattering bird builds no nest.
You come with a cat and call it a rabbit.
Rain does not fall on one roof alone.
By trying often, the monkey learns to jump from the tree.

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