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Location: Central Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, between the Netherlands and Poland, south of Denmark
Population: 82,797,408 (July 2000 est.) - Capital: Berlin
Ethnics Groups: German 91.5%, Turkish 2.4%, other 6.1% (made up largely of Serbo-Croatian, Italian, Russian, Greek, Polish, Spanish)
Languages: German
Religions: Protestant 38%, Roman Catholic 34%, Muslim 1.7%, unaffiliated or other 26.3%

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Proverbs from Germany
It is better to trust the eyes rather than the ears.
He who is afraid of doing too much always does too little.
He who begins too much accomplishes little.
What is the use of running when we are not on the right road?
Even the lion has to defend himself against flies.

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