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Brief Overview of this Country

Location: Southern Africa, island in the Indian Ocean, east of Mozambique
Population: 15,506,472 (July 2000 est.) - Capital: Antananarivo
Ethnics Groups: Malayo-Indonesian (Merina and related Betsileo), Cotiers (mixed African, Malayo-Indonesian, and Arab ancestry - Betsimisaraka, Tsimihety, Antaisaka, Sakalava), French, Indian, Creole, Comoran
Languages: French (official), Malagasy (official)
Religions: Indigenous beliefs 52%, Christian 41%, Muslim 7%

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Proverbs from Madagascar
Distracted by what is far away, he does not see his nose.
It is better to refuse than to accept and not to go.
Words are like eggs: when they are hatched they have wings.
Nothing is so difficult that diligence cannot master it.
One does not like hot, the other does not like cold; make it tepid to make an agreement.

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