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Brief Overview of this Country

Location: Western Africa, southeast of Algeria
Population: 10,075,511 (July 2000 est.) - Capital: Niamey
Ethnics Groups: Hausa 56%, Djerma 22%, Fula 8.5%, Tuareg 8%, Beri Beri (Kanouri) 4.3%, Arab, Toubou, and Gourmantche 1.2%, about 1,200 French expatriates
Languages: French (official), Hausa, Djerma
Religions: Muslim 80%, remainder indigenous beliefs and Christians

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Proverbs from Niger
If the owner of the goat is not afraid to travel by night, the owner of a hyena certainly will not be.
The cry of the hyena and the loss of the goat are one.
Abundance will make cotton pull a stone.
Every fault is laid at the door of the hyena, but it does not steal a bale of cloth.
Accomplishment of purpose is better than making a profit.

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