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Netherlands Antilles

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Brief Overview of this Country

Location: Caribbean, two island groups in the Caribbean Sea - one includes Curacao and Bonaire north of Venezuela and the other is east of the Virgin Islands
Population: 210,134 (July 2000 est.) - Capital: Willemstad
Ethnics Groups: Mixed black 85%, Carib Amerindian, white, East Asian
Languages: Dutch (official), Papiamento (a Spanish-Portuguese-Dutch-English dialect) predominates, English widely spoken, Spanish
Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Seventh-Day Adventist

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Random Proverbs

Proverbs from Netherlands Antilles
A cat will teach her young ones all the tricks, except how to jump backwards.
You cannot fly with wings made of butter.
Don't give a child a name until after it is born.
You eat an egg, but you don't understand how painful it was for the chicken.
The rainbow would be even more beautiful if the show was not for free.

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