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Brief Overview of this Country

Location: Southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Ukraine
Population: 22,411,121 (July 2000 est.) - Capital: Bucharest
Ethnics Groups: Romanian 89.5%, Hungarian 7.1%, Roma 1.8%, German 0.5%, Ukrainian 0.3%, other 0.8% (1992)
Languages: Romanian, Hungarian, German
Religions: Romanian Orthodox 70%, Roman Catholic 6% (of which 3% are Uniate), Protestant 6%, unaffiliated 18%

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Proverbs from Romania
Do not put your spoon into the pot which does not boil for you.
If you wish good advice, consult an old man.
Eating and scratching want but a beginning.
Every sin brings its punishment with it.
A creaking door hangs long on its hinges.

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