Creative Proverbs from the Welsh Culutre
Creative Proverbs from the . .
Welsh* Culture
(* denotes a culture rather than a country.)

Background: Wales is a component country of the United Kingdom that juts westward from England into the Irish Sea. Wales is dominated by the Cambrian Mountains, a region of plateaus and hills that is dissected by deep valleys and accentuated by the peaks. Much effort is being devoted to preserving the Welsh language, culture and long literary tradition. In the traditional culture of Wales, great stress was laid on the spoken and written word in poetry and in prose.

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Proverbs from the Welsh Culture
Three things give us hardy strength: sleeping on hairy mattresses, breathing cold air, and eating dry food.
A spoon does not know the taste of soup, nor a learned fool the taste of wisdom.
Conscience is the nest where all good is hatched.
Your hand is never rhe worse for doing irts own work.
Without perseverance talent is a barren bed.

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